Advanced Diagnostic Imaging

Medical technology has changed the face of medical practices all around. Since this is the case, when your doctor says that you need to have a “scan,” they may be talking about one or more scans. You will have to ask a little about what each of these imaging tests will do and how well they work. Sometimes, you can select the imaging center to use. If that is the case, perhaps you should know a little bit more about the different scanning technology available.

If all you need is a standard x-ray, then it should not cost too much and it is usually done right at the doctor’s office or in the hospital where the office is. That is a standard way of imaging isolated parts of the body with a more limited scope. This is fine for breaks and sprains or other basic concerns. If the scope of diagnostics for your scan is much wider and needs to be more detailed, other methods will need to be used.

This is where advanced medical imaging in Toms River NJ will come into play. After all, the doctors can only treat what is diagnosed clearly through tests. If a basic x-ray does not do the trick, your doctor may order a CT scan. This is a type of scan that does use x-ray imaging, but it is much more precise since it uses 3D layered imaging to produce a clearer view of the area scanned than a basic x-ray would allow for.

advanced medical imaging in Toms River NJ

Another type of scan is the MRI. This used to be a closed scan, with a tight space inside for a patient to fit. Regardless of this, the MRI is still needed, as it provides the clearest three dimensional images out of any scan available. Now, these are wide-open scans so you do not have to get anxious due to the tight space.